Are you my ideal client?

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My ideal client is a passionate entrepreneur who:

Has bigger things to attend to. You can only do so much on your own… when you realize that there are things you’re doing that need to be delegated, you’re ready for a VA!  There’s no reason for you to do your routine administrative and marketing tasks when you should be in front of your clients making money.

Communicates well via email. Email allows us the freedom to get back to each other at our convenience and can be a much more thorough method of communication and it also gives a written reference to refer back to.

Can afford me… and is ready to invest in their business. I offer the highest value in return for my monthly retainer fee, and this value will only increase over time… my ideal client must be able to afford the monthly retainer fee they select.Is ready to partner and collaborate! I have a lot of knowledge on how to implement systems and create efficiencies that will help your business thrive – if you don’t have the time to plan and collaborate with me, you are missing out on a lot of value.

Has goals. I love partnering with entrepreneurs that have specific tangible goals and want to achieve them!  I love a good challenge!

Understands that a VA is not an Employee. Although I am typically available during my normal office hours, it is important to understand that I am not always immediately available for phone calls or on-demand assistance.

Some examples of professionals who fit this profile: coaches, consultants, authors, travel agents, real estate agents, equine-related professionals, veterinarians, chiropractors, massage therapists, wellness clinics, personal trainers … any forward thinking, motivated entrepreneur – you know who you are!!

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