I’m a mompreneur and sometimes I’m superwoman!

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I first heard this term from Alexis Martin Neely and immediately identified with it and started calling myself a ‘mompreneur!’  I am a mom and am so lucky to be at home, able to be with my children for events or when they are ill, and also living my dream of being an entrepreneur and helping people succeed!   Sometimes, though, this requires me to be, well, superwoman!  I’m up to the challenge – bring it on … and I am loving every minute of it!

You see, I haven’t always had this freedom of living my ideal life … in fact, I’ve only been out of the corporate world for a year.  I was a legal assistant for 13 years, thinking that was what I needed to do to provide for my family.  I did it because it’s what I was ‘supposed’ to do.  My intution (which, by the way, I listen to a lot these days) told me it was all wrong… leaving the house before my children woke up to drive 35 minutes to hop on a bus for another 30 minutes to arrive downtown Minneapolis, to the ritzy law firm I worked for.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did – the challenge of working with attorneys was a new adventure every day.  Anticipating their needs and being able to give them what they needed before they even realized they needed it was a great feeling.  The thing was, I couldn’t work away from home 12 hours a day and still be there for my kids the way I needed to be; I couldn’t be the wife and mother that I so needed to be for my family.  There was no balance and I had no life of my own.

The good news?  I made a plan and put my mind to building my own Virtual Assistance business, and now, just 10 short months after starting Focus Administrative, I have a full practice of my ideal clients, I belong to fun and supportive networking groups and love, love, love my life!  I actually have time to pay attention to my kids and play with them, I have time to be a doting, loving wife, an innovative forward thinking entrepreneur helping my clients propel forward and value me to no end; and I get to play outside with my horses every day.  I take jumping riding lessons, work out, get massages monthly, eat healthy and truly enjoy each and every day working with my clients!  I have a team behind me and couldn’t do it without them!

To keep things interesting, I am also currently studying to become a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist, so look forward to Tips and Tricks on the new Microsoft products, including Vista, Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007, Outlook 2007 and Access 2007.

PS – If you have children and you don’t know who Alexis Martin Neely is … you must go here.  Alexis, you go girl – You’ve got it!


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